Electronic Devices

Power modules, high-frequency devices, optical devices, LCD devices, and others

IPM G1 Series with 7th-generation IGBT

With the latest IGBT1 chips, the IPM2 G1 Series reduces the size and power consumption of industrial equipment such as general-purpose inverters, servo amplifiers, and elevators while also providing higher reliability. A lineup of 52 products across 6 categories makes the G1 Series the best choice for a wide range of applications and industrial equipment needs.

IGBT: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
IPM: Intelligent Power Module

Super-mini Full SiC DIPIPM

The newly developed SiC1-MOSFET2 reduces power consumption by approximately 75% compared to previous models3, which means the Super-mini Full SiC DIPIPM4™ offers the industry's lowest power consumption5, contributing to the increasing year-round energy efficiency of energy-saving air conditioners.

SiC: Silicon Carbide
MOSFET: Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor
Super-mini DIPIPM Ver. 6 Series (Si product) PSS15S92F6 (15A /600V)
DIPIPM: Dual-In-Line Package Intelligent Power Module
As of August 17, 2016, based on internal research

Ku-band GaN HEMT for Satellite Earth Stations

An industry-leading1 output power of 100W GaN2 HEMT3 has been achieved by optimizing the transistor structure, reducing the number of power amplifier components and allowing for smaller earth stations. It offers a range of products that utilize an existing power amplifier as a high-output driver stage that are configurable with Mitsubishi Electric products to meet the diverse needs of Ku band4 satellite earth stations.

As of September 27, 2016, based on internal research of GaN HEMT for Ku band satellite earth stations
GaN: Gallium nitride
HEMT: High Electron Mobility Transistor
Ku band: Microwaves at frequencies between 12 GHz and 18 GHz

High-power 639-nm Red Laser Diode for Projectors

Featuring an optimized epitaxial structure and emitter size, the high-power 639-nm red laser diode produces an industry-leading1 continuous wave output of 2.1W and a high power conversion efficiency of 41%2, aiding the commercialization of large projectors that require high brightness.

As of December 14, 2016, based on internal research
At a case temperature of 25°C, continuous wave output of 2.1W

TFT-LCD Modules with Touch Panels for Industrial Use (6.5-inch VGA, 8.4-inch SVGA/XGA, 10.6-inch WXGA)

These projected capacitive touch panels feature protective glass as thick as 5 mm, support up to 10 simultaneous touch inputs, and can be used even with thick, heat-resisting gloves or when the screen is wet. They are ideal for outdoor applications that require impact resistance and water resistance.

Tough Series Color TFT-LCD Modules for Industrial Use (7.0-inch/8.0-inch WVGA)

These Tough Series modules feature vibration resistance approximately seven times greater than that of conventional modules (6.8 G), a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 85°C), and an ultra-wide viewing angle (170° from all angles), in response to the trend toward their use in rugged environments, such as in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and machine tools, which require multi-purpose high-quality displays.