Mitsubishi Electric Around the World

Volume 1: What's for Lunch? Turkey

Traditional Turkish Lunch Mitsubishi Electric, Turkey - METR

June 2017

Işıl Namlı is the Finance Deputy Manager for Mitsubishi Electric Turkey. She manages the cash flow of the company and develops external relationships with banks.

Today, Işıl went out for lunch to a nearby restaurant and had beyti kebap and some grilled vegetables. Beyti kebap is a traditional Turkish dish consisting of yoghurt-coated, skewered lamb wrapped in dough then grilled over a charcoal fire.

Işıl often has Turkish ravioli known as "mantı" in the same restaurant but she chose beyti kebab today. To top off her lunch, she had katmer, which is a traditional Turkish dessert served as a complimentary treat to a meal. Katmer is a crunchy pancake with pistachios and clotted cream.

She usually has lunch with her colleagues in nearby restaurants that serve traditional Turkish dishes. She likes going to these places to have the chance to make small talk with her colleagues on the way, and enjoy having lunch with them. Sometimes, when she's very busy, she orders lunch and has it delivered to the office.

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey's main office is located in the beautiful city of Istanbul.

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