Mitsubishi Electric Around the World

Volume 1: What's for Lunch? Taiwan

Traditional Taiwanese Food Mitsubishi Electric Taiwan Co., Ltd.

June 2017

Cabinchen is the webmaster of the Corporate Site at Mitsubishi Electric Taiwan. He belongs to the IT Department and, in addition to his role as webmaster, his duties include management of e-mail, servers, and more.

One of Cabinchen's (third from right) favorite places to eat is a local diner specializing in traditional Taiwanese food. The diner offers a nostalgic atmosphere and serves dishes that remind Taiwanese people of the 'good-old home-cooked meals' they have eaten since childhood. In addition to the main noodle/rice noodle dish, Cabinchen recommends the many different kinds of side dishes, which are ideal for sharing and great for keeping the cost of eating out low. "If I get a main dish and share two or three sides with my colleagues, I can generally eat for as little as 100 TWD. It's rare to be able to eat such delicious food at such a reasonable price these days," he comments.

Cabinchen enjoys going out for lunch with his colleagues to nearby restaurants and sees it as an opportunity to stretch his legs and get some fresh air, as his job involves a lot of desk work.

Mitsubishi Electric Taiwan's office is located in the Shilin District of Taipei, next to Zhangcheng Park.

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