Mitsubishi Electric Around the World

Volume 1: What's for Lunch? United States

Cheeseburger and Fries at a Popular California Grill Mitsubishi Electric U.S., Inc. – Cypress, California

June 2017

Robin Wachner is the Director of the Corporate Communications Department for Mitsubishi Electric, U.S. located at the Cypress office (HQ) in California. She's in charge of media relations, marketing, social media, branding, messaging and other related duties.

Today, Robin (left) and her co-worker Marcela (right) went out to lunch at a nearby popular burger restaurant in California. They both had a cheeseburger with french fries. "It was pretty good, though not as healthy as I typically try to eat. But it was Monday and we felt the need to treat ourselves" says Robin.

Robin, like many other Cypress office members, sometimes eats lunch out at nearby restaurants. There are some places she tends to go more than others, such as out for chicken and veggie bowls, Thai food, tacos or sushi.

Mitsubishi Electric U.S.'s head office is located in Cypress, California.

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