Mitsubishi Electric Global

Growth Drivers

The core of our growth strategy focuses on ‘making strong businesses stronger‘. Accordingly, we have identified eight businesses as growth drivers—the engine of the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s future development.

Power Systems

From power generation to transmission and distribution, we contribute to the stable supply of electricity by providing highly efficient, environmentally well-considered products and total systems.

Transportation Systems

Our leading-edge products, advanced systems, innovative solutions, and first-class maintenance and service networks are helping to deliver reliable, safe, comfortable railway transport.

Building Systems

We aim for the highest standards of elevator and escalator quality globally, ensuring safety and security in buildings throughout most of the world’s major cities.

Factory Automation Systems

Our cutting-edge FA technologies and solutions are contributing to better and more efficient manufacturing in factories across the world.

Automotive Equipment

Our wide array of automotive products and technologies are contributing to the development of advanced motorization in society.

Space Systems

In the vast frontier of space, our cutting-edge technologies are helping to connect people and bring benefits to society.

Power Semiconductor Devices

We create the leading-edge key devices that help create a more prosperous and advanced society.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems

Our broad lineup of air conditioning products and solutions bring comfort and efficiency to residential, business, and industrial environments across the globe.