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IMTS spark 2020 – Virtual Online

IMTS Spark Events
Virtual Online
December 01, 2020 ~ March 15, 2021

Among the top automation suppliers globally, Mitsubishi Electric offers manufacturers, machine builders, and system integrators advanced and reliable automation solutions for improving performance, lowering total cost of ownership, and enhancing competitiveness. It offers a complete product portfolio from controllers and visualization solutions to drives, robotics, and motion control.

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Tue, October 6  11:00 AM - 11:15 AM Central

Getting Started with CNC Monitoring
Connect your CNCs to stay competitive in the age of digital manufacturing. Businesses need to be leaner yet increase their production and prepare for re-shoring, and one way to do that is by remotely monitoring your machines and harnessing the data the controls give out. Learn how to understand the operation of your controls and help improve up time and production with a minimal investment. What is IMA? Copy/paste the link in your browser for more information:

Tue, January 19  11:15 AM - 11:30 AM Central

Direct Robot Control Function
Learn how the Direct Robot Control (DRC) function allows easy control of a robot through a Mitsubishi Electric M8 Series CNC controller. With a growing demand for machine/robot collaboration in automated manufacturing and expanding applications for robots for part load/unload, deburring, and inspection, DRC allows a robot to be controlled with the same programming language as machine tools. DRC in an intuitive, easy to operate system that allows the CNC to directly control the robot via EIA (G and M Code commands). The robot has a direct Ethernet connection to the CNC and dedicated robot screens on the HMI that allows the machine operator and the machine setup engineer the ability to program both the CNC and the robot in the same programming language.

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