MR-J3 servo family is a high functional, high performance, and easy to use product that offers a wide variety of options to improve total system dynamics, machine performance providing a high performance servo system that is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Servo Amplifier

MR-J3 Servo Amplifiers are available in 100/200/400VAC in up to 55kW and provide high speed, high accuracy solutions, offering true one-touch tuning in single and dual axis formats.


Rotary Servo Motor

MR-J3 compatible motors provide 100/200/400VAC options available in up to 55kW and include seven motor types for easy selection based on required capacity or inertia requirements for the best amplifier and motor sizing possible.


Linear Servo Amplifier & Motor

LM-Series Linear Servo Motors are available with three different core types and one core-less option for maximum flexibility.


Direct Drive Amplifier & Motor

TM-RFM Series Direct Drive Motor offering fits perfectly into applications requiring low speed and high torque.