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AssetWorX Overview

AssetWorX™ is an Intelligent S95 Asset Technology provided as a component of the MC WORKS64™ HMI/SCADA and AnalytiX® product suites to organize any system, simplify engineering and enhance navigation. AssetWorX enables you to organize all enterprise and equipment data into reusable equipment (asset) classes that can be easily instantiated for all like assets to construct a system:

  • pumps
  • heat exchangers
  • well heads
  • gas fields
  • turbines
  • chillers
  • buildings
  • building zones
  • manufacturing cells
  • plants

AssetWorX Asset Classes contain all properties, equations, commands and operations you might use, as well as graphic templates, smart symbols and trends that are needed to visualize and provide insight for that type of equipment. Once defined, simply instantiate the class as many times as necessary at the appropriate level of the enterprise hierarchy to fully define all equipment and entities to be monitored.

In addition, a growing list of intelligent providers is available that can be embedded in an asset, such as Energy AnalytiX® and FDDWorX™ Fault Detection and Diagnostics. For example, the asset properties associated with a specific item of equipment might include:

  • real-time status and alarm data
  • historical data
  • historical data analysis (indicating efficiency curves and energy utilization)
  • runtime accumulation or downtime accumulation by cause
  • maintenance work order data acquired from a network connected EAM system
  • Fault Detection rules
  • mechanical drawings accessed from a networked CAD system
  • unit production data accessed from an ERP system



Distributed Architecture

Increase the scalability of your asset trees.

For larger applications, distributed asset trees can be used to create a hierarchy of AssetWorX servers.

Splitting assets into subdivisions based on a logical tiered structure allows for more granular security layers and facilitates cloud based architectures.

AssetWorX Navigator

Automatically generated operator viewing component providing rapid intuitive navigation to all information associated with any asset.

Drill down to specific assets quickly with easy-to-use hierarchical trees.

Right-click or drag-and-drop to execute commands and operations indirectly or directly linked to assets.

For example:
• select an asset within the Navigator to load a graphics in a display frame
• add a new pen to a trend plot
• send text messages to smart phones

Create asset templates and organizational assets for convenient viewing.

Organize data simply using Configuration and Runtime modes.

Access assets and roll-up data for any level of your enterprise in Runtime mode.