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Workbench Overview

Workbench™ is the centralized desktop or Web-based environment for MC Works64 configuration. The Workbench can also act as an advanced operator interface for service management and has built-in project management functionality.

Manage licenses, redundancy and databases through the Workbench while retaining the ability to use secure logins to lock down configuration. Configure alarms, trends, security and even GraphWorX64 displays right in the Workbench to unleash the full centralization of configuration.



Web-Enabled Configuration Environment

All MC Works64 configurations can happen from the unified Workbench, allowing for faster development and cost savings in building any application.

Operator Interface

Service management is easy and reliable. Remotely start and stop any MC Works64 Service. Monitor Service health and get statistics for any service.

Project Management

Project deployment, pack and unpack capabilities, versioning and change management, global find and replace, project statistics.

Runtime Card Flow

Quickly scroll through directories of displays to visually identify which display you need to work with.

Customize and Extend

Change the way Workbench works to streamline usage and add your database application as a provider right into the Workbench to expand the centralized configuration environment.


Utilize tools to view your license usage, classic OPC or OPC UA redundancy and trace files logged from the Workbench environment with built in functionality.