Servo Motors


The current G-Series servo as well as the previous models are recognized world wide as the product of choice in a high function drive motor for industrial sewing equipment. The new G-Series is compatible with all makers of lockstitch and chainstitch machines. From the set-up menu simply select your machine model or customize the parameter settings from the various program modes. Additional inputs and outputs are standard options that allow for easy interface between machine and added peripherals without the use of a PLC.


The current high function G-Series servo can be used as the machine drive motor for all lockstitch and chainstitch sewing equipment. Some of the new features include a reduction in motor size, removable lever unit and display panel, and direct parameter call up function. Plug and pin out configuration remain the same. Adding attachments such as sensor controlled choppers and T-shirt bottom hemming systems are easily configured.



The F-Series servo was one of our previous models and was replaced by the G-Series servo.


E-Series & ZK-Series

The E-Series servo was one of our previous models and was replaced by the F-Series servo.



The H-Series servo has been discontinued and was our small custom mounted drive motor. This multi-function servo could be used on all lockstitch and chainstitch sewing equipment and had all the functions as our previous F-Series servo. Motor mounting hardware, timing belt, and timing belt gears were not included.