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Scott Summerville Named as President of Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. - Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. (MEAU) has named Scott Summerville as its new President, it was announced today. Summerville fills the position formerly held by Toshio Kawai. Read More
New CNC Total Care Package Service Offering - Value-added service to optimize machines, and keep them as productive as when first purchased. - Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. announces the CNC Total Care Package service for its CNC systems. The service package is tailored for Mitsubishi Electric’s M8, M7, and M6 Control Series. The service package is tailored for Mitsubishi Electric’s M800 Series, but it also supports CNC products including the M600 Series. Read More
Mitsubishi Electric to Sponsor MassRobotics in the USA - MassRobotics is an independent non-profit that provides entrepreneurs and innovative robotics/automation startups with the workspace and resources they need to develop, prototype, test, and commercialize their products and solutions. Our sponsorship aims to support the development of the next generation of advanced manufacturing solutions that use cutting-edge technology and robots for factory automation customers worldwide. Read More
Introducing the IoT Gateway Solution for Smart Machine Innovations. Cloud-based network technology allows users to connect to nearly any controller and database available on the market. - Announcing a new IoT Gateway, a network technology that allows the secure connection of machine assets to cloud services or an on-premises server for remote monitoring and visualization. The IoT Gateway is designed to assist organizations in meeting business objectives and revenue goals by providing access to production information to reveal operational insights and gain business intelligence, allowing OEMs to further optimize machine design, and help end users drive down production costs. Read More
HDMI Port Option Now Available on GT27 Series of Human Machine Interfaces - The GT27 Series human-machine interfaces (HMI) now includes the option for an HDMI port, allowing users to skip the time and cost of setting up a PC to accomplish the same feat. Production managers and maintenance personnel can benefit from seeing what the machine operator sees on a large public screen, allowing them to respond faster to required actions. Read More
Mitsubishi Electric to Acquire ICONICS, Inc. in United States - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announces that it will acquire the remaining shares of ICONICS, Inc., a U.S. software company focused on SCADA,1 IoT, mobile, analytics and cloud software products for the manufacturing, industrial and building-automation markets, to make the company a 100% subsidiary within the Mitsubishi Electric Group. Read More