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New FR-F800 series Variable Frequency Drives - The new FR-F800 series Variable Frequency Drive is the next generation inverter for a wide range of motor, fan and pump control applications. Building on the success and experience gained with the FR-F700 series, the FR-F800 series was designed with several new key features that will improve efficiency, functionality and reliability in your applications. Read More
New GT2103 3.8” Compact HMI - The GT21 is a new product in the GOT2000 family of HMIs. The GT21 is a cost effective alternative with rich visualization features including a 5 color LED backlight which can be controlled by a PLC. Models are available with built-in Ethernet or a serial communication port. This new HMI replaces the GOT1000 GT1020. The GT2103 is a 3.8” TFT monochrome display with 4 times better resolution (320x128 dot) than previous models. Read More
GOT Simple HMI - Rich in Features, Low in Cost - The new GOT Simple HMI series is now available. The GS21 class offers a cost effective operator interface with a high level of functionality. HMI units come in 7” and 10” wide screen sizes, and feature Ethernet communication to provide a simple standardized interface to connect to a range of PLCs and other devices. The SD card drive in the GOT Simple is a convenient solution to store data logging files and other information. Two channels of communication can be operated simultaneously making it possible to monitor and operate a wide variety of system configurations of PLCs, VFDs, servo amplifiers, temperature controllers, etc. Read More
E700 VFD to E700-SC VFD Migration Announcement - We are beginning transition to the updated E700-SC (safety) version of the E700 VFD drive. We plan to complete the change from stocking both types to only stocking the E700-SC type by April 1st 2015. This change affects the status of the drives and also the dedicated option card kits that go with them. The E700-SC offers the same functionality and has a built-in safety circuit which allows it to be used in SIL level 2 emergency stop circuits. Please note that the standard version of E700 has NOT been discontinued and the single phase versions of this drive (E710 and E720S) are not available as ‘SC’ types, so they are not affected by this transition. Read More
FR-A700 Life Cycle Announcement - We would like to announce that several models from the popular FR-A700 Series will be officially withdrawn from the general market. Both the A720 (208-230V) and A740 (380 – 480V) VFD’s models will be retired from the lineup after being introduced in 2006. We understand that product transitions can be difficult for our customers so we have taken the liberty to identify and develop a number of helpful resources to help you in the transition to the next generation FR-A800 Inverter. Rest assured that repair services for these products will remain available for the next 7 years. Please visit our Legacy Products webpage or contact your local Mitsubishi Electric representative for more details. Read More
New Controller from Mitsubishi Electric Automation Provides Advanced Functionality in Compact, Cost-Effective Design - Automation professionals looking for a powerful controller in a compact, affordable design can now turn to the iQ-F Series Compact Controller from Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. The iQ-F Series is based on Mitsubishi Electric’s popular and well-established FX Series. Delivering the same control capabilities as its predecessor, the new compact controller incorporates new functionalities for even better performance and user experience. Read More
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces Low-Voltage Variable Frequency Drive - Responding to demand within the HVAC market for a drive that can improve efficiency of air movement through HVAC systems, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. introduces the F800 Series variable frequency drive (VFD). The low-voltage F800 is specifically designed and optimized for HVAC applications, including air handlers, cooling towers, and pumps. Read More
CC-Link Partner Association Welcomes Molex® to Board of Directors - Continuing to strengthen CC-Link’s position as a leading global open automation network technology, the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) announced today that Molex, a global manufacturer of automation and industrial products, joined the association as a board member. The board of directors is responsible for the management and strategy of the CLPA. Read More
Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory IoT Gateway Provides Real-time, Cloud-Based Energy Utilization Information - Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. and ILS Technology, a Telit company, today announced that they have collaborated on the e-F@ctory IoT Gateway, Mitsubishi Electric’s new Machine-to-Cloud (M2C) industrial appliance for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Read More
Mitsubishi Electric Automation announces Secomea as newest member of its e-F@ctory Alliance Program - Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. now offers easy and secure remote access for programming, monitoring and logging data into its automation products by welcoming Secomea to its e-F@ctory Alliance Program. Read More
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Integrated and powerful control designed to tackle the most demanding applications.
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