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MR-J4-TM Multi-Network Servo Drive with EtherCAT® - Mitsubishi Electric introduces state-of-the-art servo performance with Advanced Vibration Suppression Control II™, One-Touch Auto-Tuning™, and incredible reliability with an EtherCAT® interface. Read More
UL Certification for HG-JR and HG-SR for Class 1 Division 2 Use in Hazardous Locations - Mitsubishi Electric is proud to announce the UL Certification for HG-JR and HG-SR series servo motors for Class 1 Division 2 use in hazardous locations. The certifications are now posted online at www.UL.com/database. For quick access to the document use the following keywords for the search: PTHE2.E475967 for the US certification and PTHE8.E475967 for the Canada certification Read More
Mitsubishi Electric officially welcomes new 48V/24V DC into the MR-J4 product line. - The newest addition to the MR-J4 product line are the Ultra-compact DC servos available as a general purpose or multi-axis SSCNETIII/H interface from 10-30W. These petite DC servos are packed with features such as built-in positioning function for easy programming without a positioning module, vibration suppression, and a customer favorite one-touch auto-tuning. Keep this powerful little DC servo in mind for compact X-Y tables, processing machines, inspection systems, or electrical device assembling systems and more. Read More
Have You Downloaded the New e-Manual App? - The e-manual viewer is a library that stores PLC, Motion Controllers, HMI, and software related manuals in one location. With just a couple of clicks, you can download and update manuals on demand. You can also perform advanced cross manual searches, bookmark pages and add your own comments for future reference. The e-manual viewer is available for Windows® PC, iPad®, and Android™ tablets. You can also download the tablet versions from the App Store or Google Play store. Read More
New FR-F800 series Variable Frequency Drives - The new FR-F800 series Variable Frequency Drive is the next generation inverter for a wide range of motor, fan and pump control applications. Building on the success and experience gained with the FR-F700 series, the FR-F800 series was designed with several new key features that will improve efficiency, functionality and reliability in your applications. Read More
Introducing the M800 & M80 Series CNC: M800 Series boasts industry’s fastest CNC - Addressing the need for a fast, precise and affordable computerized numerical control (CNC) system for complex machining applications, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. introduces the M800 and M80 Series CNC and components. Read More
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces Energy-Saving Variable Frequency Drive - F800 Series designed to efficiently move air in HVAC applications - Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. introduces the F800 Series variable frequency drive (VFD) for precise motor speed control with maximum energy-savings. The low-voltage F800 is specifically designed to improve efficiency of air movement through HVAC systems. Read More
CC-Link Partner Association Welcomes Cisco to Board of Directors - The Nagoya, Japan-based CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), whose objective is to promote the widespread use of the Ethernet-based industrial open network CC-Link IE, has announced that Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) will join the CLPA as a new board member. The two organizations will collaborate on promoting solutions based on CC-Link IE. Read More
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Adds Option Card and Programming Software to 800 Series VFDs - Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. introduces the FR-Configurator2, a new generation of variable frequency drive (VFD) programming software, plus plug-in type option cards and stand-alone accessories for its FR-A800 and FR-F800 series inverters. These additions are designed to provide flexibility in order to maximize the inverters’ performance and application efficiency. Read More
Mitsubishi Electric Automation Takes VFD Technology into 600-Volt Regions - A860 Series Inverter Delivers Class-Leading Technology to New Markets - Engineering and plant managers in regions where the main power supply is 575-600 volts can now harness the performance benefits of Mitsubishi Electric’s inverter technology with the introduction of the A860 Series variable frequency drive (VFD). A 600-volt version of the proven A800 Series all-in-one VFD, the new A860 Series inverter combines traditional induction and permanent magnet motors into a single solution. Read More
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