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Low-Profile Direct Drive Motor Provides Direct Control with Accuracy of a Servo Motor - Unlike rotary servo motors that are coupled to a load with a mechanical transmission such as a gear, coupling, or belt, the TM-RG2M / TM-RU2M Low-Profile Direct Drive Motor is coupled directly to a load, resulting in greater positioning accuracy, reduced energy use and less maintenance. Read More
Introducing Handheld Models For GOT2000 Series HMI - Making it easier than ever for machine operators and maintenance personnel to monitor and control machine components, Mitsubishi Electric Automation introduces handheld models for its GOT2000 Series, a human machine interface (HMI) that optimizes operator control and monitoring of device and line status. Read More
New White Paper Provides Solutions to Complex Demands of Machine Design in Packaging Industry - This latest whitepaper, titled "Optimizing Innovation in Machine Design", was written to enlighten readers on how innovative solutions in machine design can lead to faster and more efficient machine program design in packaging machines. Read More
New Integrated Robotics White Paper Discusses Production Efficiencies for Packaging Industry - Integrated robotics in packaging machinery and production lines can result in significant productivity gains. Readers of this latest white paper will learn how the use of integrated robotics can improve packaging machines’ performance and demand response. Read More
Lowering Total Cost of Ownership and Maintenance of Packaging Machines - Whitepaper - This whitepaper, "Innovative Predictive Maintenance Capabilities for Packaging Operations", provides insights on data analysis and machine learning technologies that provide in-time communication to operators and managers regarding the quality of production and the availability and effectiveness of machines. The purpose of the paper is to provide readers with innovative solutions for lowering total cost of ownership and reduce unplanned maintenance of packaging machines. Read More
White Paper Provides Manufacturers with Insights About Smart Machines - Mitsubishi Electric technologies' exceptional performance and insight ensure production is always optimized. By downloading our free whitepaper "5 Smart Machine Innovations and why you should care" you will gain insight into the innovations that have created a foundation for improving machine intelligence while offering the benefit of reshaping business models for enhanced revenue streams and cost containment. Read More