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New C80 Series CNC-Dedicated CPU Maximizes Performance - Users of the MELSEC iQ-R automation platform can now achieve even greater productivity and lower cycle times with the introduction of the C80 Series CNC. The rack-based C80 features a CNC-dedicated CPU designed to maximize the control’s performance. Read More
New Whitepaper - 5 Smart Machine Innovations and why you should care. - Mitsubishi Electric technologies' exceptional performance and insight ensure production is always optimized. By downloading our free whitepaper "5 Smart Machine Innovations and why you should care" you will gain insight into the innovations that have created a foundation for improving machine intelligence while offering the benefit of reshaping business models for enhanced revenue streams and cost containment. Read More
Introducing Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Quick Tip Videos - We have developed a series of quick tip videos to help users of our CNC control products with answers to the most commonly asked questions. The video series provides a step-by-step explanation of various functions and topics such as customizing counters, and performing a program search. We plan to continue to add to the series to provide useful and convenient tools to support our customers. Read More
CC-Link IE Field Safety Features Integrated into Mitsubishi Electric MR-J4-GF Servo Amplifiers - We’ve integrated CC-Link IE Field Safety features into our MR-J4-GF Servo Amplifiers, facilitating complete industrial Ethernet safety communication capabilities and attributes. CC-Link IE Field is an open 1-Gbit industrial Ethernet automation network and CC-Link IE Field Safety meets both IEC and ISO safety standards. The integration also makes the system configuration much simpler and cleaner by reducing wiring. Read More
New CNC Dealer Locator on Mitsubishi Electric Automation Website Provides Convenience for the Machine Tool Industry - Mitsubishi Electric Automation has added a new feature on its website to make it easier for end users and others in the machine tool industry to locate OEMs and dealers who offer CNC machine tools that use Mitsubishi Electric controls. Read More
M80W Computer Numerical Controller (CNC) Features Intuitive Touch-Screen Operation - The M80W features a touch screen Windows®-based display that is separate from the control unit, providing expandability and flexibility. The 19" vertical display with a split multiple window that can be customized by arranging a keyboard, operation panel, document viewer or other applications. The new M80W CNC was designed for the automotive and machine tool industries, and is especially useful for applications such as turning centers, machining centers, lathes and mills. Read More