TOKYO, January 12, 2017 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that the CDP, a global disclosure system for companies and cities to manage their environmental impacts, has presented Mitsubishi Electric with top "A List" rankings for climate- and water-management practices in its supply chain program.

The A-List recognitions in both categories are based on questionnaires sent to suppliers in the supply chains of CDP member companies.

The CDP previously announced in November 2016 that Mitsubishi Electric had been named to the separate CDP Climate 2016 A List and CDP Water 2016 A List in recognition of the company's outstanding efforts to mitigate climate change and to protect water resources, respectively.

Mitsubishi Electric is a leader in advanced environmental technologies that enable diverse global businesses to offer enhanced sustainability, safety, reliability and convenience for the benefit of global society. Based on its Environmental Vision 2021, the company is contributing to the creation of low-carbon, recycling-based societies and increased efforts to protect biodiversity. Mitsubishi Electric is also contributing to sustainability by steadily reducing the environmental impact of production processes throughout its global value chains and by developing products and services that reduce environmental impact.

About CDP

The international non-governmental organization that conducts surveys, discloses performance and evaluates the environmental activities of companies and cities. Nearly 830 institutional investors managing assets worth US$ 100 trillion rely on CDP for investments impacting climate change, the CDP's primary focus, and more than 640 institutional investors managing assets worth US$ 67 trillion refer to the CDP for investments regarding water resources. Details about the supply chain A List companies will be provided in the CDP Supply Chain Report 2017, which is to be published on the CDP's website on January 24.

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