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Space Systems

Mitsubishi Electric's space technology includes the manufacture and implementation of satellites, satellite components, and ground systems. Over the past four decades, we have completed more satellite projects for communications concerns, government agencies, and other large-scale clients than any other Japanese company, making Mitsubishi Electric the leading company for space systems in Japan. We have a distinct advantage when it comes to designing, building, launching and controlling satellites, because we also excel in the solar panel, antenna, amplification, tracking, control and ground station system technologies that make satellites practical to own and operate.

Product Lineup

Space Systems

Satellite Components

Mitsubishi Electric has been in the business of manufacturing satellite components for over 40 years. This long history of involvement in the industry, combined with unsurpassed technical prowess, enables the company to provide components that organizations around the world have come to know and trust for their high reliability and superior performance.

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