TOKYO, May 24, 2017 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced new technologies, outlined below, at its annual Research and Development Open House held today at Tokyo International Forum in Tokyo, Japan.

Mitsubishi Electric Consolidates AI Technology under "Maisart" Brand
Making devices smarter and life more secure, intuitive and convenient

The company announced today its new "Maisart" brand encompassing the company's proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology, including its compact AI, automated design deep-learning algorithm and extra-efficient smart-learning AI.

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Solution to Visualize Radio Waves to Support IoT System
Enables optimal placement of wireless equipment to be designed fast and inexpensively

The company has developed a radio wave visualization solution for ascertaining, with high speed and high precision, the intensity of radio waves when designing the optimal placement of wireless communication equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Smart-learning Algorithm for Extra-efficient AI
Dramatically reduces number of trials required for precise machine-learned AI control

The company announced today that it has developed a proprietary deep-reinforcement algorithm for artificial-intelligence (AI) machine control that requires just one-fiftieth the number of trials compared to conventional AI control methods.

Mitsubishi Electric Separates Simultaneous Speech of Multiple Unknown Speakers Recorded with One Microphone
Speech-separation technology achieved with proprietary "Deep Clustering" AI method

The company announced today that it has created the world's first technology that separates, and then reconstructs with high quality, the simultaneous speech of multiple unknown speakers recorded with a single microphone in real time.

Mitsubishi Electric Uses Illumination for Building Guidance Systems
Illuminated projections are expected to streamline in-building traffic

The company announced today an innovative in-building guidance system that uses illuminated projections to provide building visitors with directions and detailed elevator-status information.

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Unique Technology for Electromagnetic-field and Large-coupled Analysis of Turbine Generators
Will improve energy efficiency and reliability of generators

The company today the development of what it believes is the world's-first technology for determining the operational status of power generators using electromagnetic-field analysis of up to an unprecedented 30 million meshes and coupled-numerical analysis.

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