TOKYO, July 5, 2017 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today a high-power 638 nanometer (nm) wavelength red laser diode (LD) offering an industry-leading 2.5W output under pulse operation with what is believed to be the industry's first built-in meniscus lens, which will be launched on September 1. By eliminating the need for an external collimator lens, Mitsubishi Electric's new red LD is expected to lead to simpler optical designs, reduced sizes and lower costs for projectors.

High-power 638-nm-wavelength red laser diode with build-in lens (ML562H84)

The light sources for projectors, conventionally mercury lamps, are being replaced with solid-state light sources that offer higher energy efficiency, a wider range of color expression and longer life. LDs deliver especially high output power, low power consumption due to efficient power-conversion, an unmatched color range due to narrow spectrum, and superior picture quality with high contrast ratio.

In September 2015, Mitsubishi Electric released its ML562G84 high-power red LD, which achieved 2.5W output under pulse operation as a red light source in three colors for projectors. However, when the model incorporated in projectors, it is necessary to collimate the laser beam by an external lens or the like and efficiently irradiate the imaging device.
The new high power 638-nm red LD with built-in lens allows for the external collimator lens to be eliminated and contributes to simplification of the optical design, miniaturization and cost reduction for projectors.

Product Features

Simplifies projector design, etc. thanks to industry's first built-in meniscus lens
- Original built-in meniscus lens collimates the laser beam and reduces spread to about 1/700th
- Eliminates the need for an external collimator lens and contributes to simpler optical designs, reduced sizes and lower costs for projectors
Industry-leading 2.5 W output power under pulse operation
- Collimates 98 percent or more of the laser beam and achieves an unmatched 2.5 W output under pulse operation, equal to that of conventional products with built-in lenses
- High-luminosity 638-nm laser light and 2.5W output under pulse operation produce 120 lumens per LD
- Unmatched operating temperature range of 0 to 45 degrees Celsius at 2.5 W pulse operation, thanks to a large 9.0-mm-diameter transistor-outline can (TO-CAN) package with excellent heat dissipation

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