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About Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation

The Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF) was established in 1991 with a $15 million endowment by the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation of Japan and the Mitsubishi Electric US group companies. The Foundation supports national grant programs and employee volunteer programs across the United States to make Changes for the Better for youth with disabilities.

Mission and Vision

To help youth with disabilities maximize their potential and participation in society. Since 2011, the Foundation’s vision has been focused on empowering youth with disabilities to lead productive lives through increased employment.

Foundation Leadership

While MEAF is a philanthropic organization that donates funds to worthy causes, it is our people that truly make a difference. Meet our dedicated Board, Advisors, and Staff, who are making Changes for the Better in the lives of young people.

Board of Directors

Mr. Jared Baker, Sr. Vice President: Human Resources, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.
Mr. Mike Corbo: President & CEO, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.
Mr. Chris Gerdes: Executive Vice President Corporate Administration, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc.
Mr. Brian Heery: Chairman & CEO, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
Mr. Mark Kuntz: CEO, Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US LLC
Mr. Masahiro Oya: Chairperson, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.
Ms. Maria O’Leary: Assistant General Counsel, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.
Ms. Denise Redmond**: Learning and Development Specialist, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
Ms. Julie Ritenour **: Consultant, Import/Export, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.
Mr. Scott Summerville: President & CEO, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
Ms. Asako Ueno: Senior General Manager, Sustainability Planning Division, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mr. Kei Uruma *: President & CEO, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Dr. Richard C. Waters: President & CEO, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

* Honorary Director
** Employee Representatives


Mr. Masahiro Oya, President
Mr. Koichi Kawabata, Treasurer
Ms. Maria O’Leary, Secretary
Ms. Corina Valderrama, Assistant Secretary
Ms. Yuri Nakagawa, Assistant Treasurer
Mr. Peter Salavantis, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer


Kevin R. Webb, Sr. Director
Tara M.P. Havlicek, Program Officer


Dr. Thomas E. Backer, Senior Research Fellow, California State University Northridge
Ms. Stacy Cervenka, Disability Advocate
Ms. Tia Holmes, Software Engineer, Microsoft, Inc.
Ms. Leah Katz-Hernandez, Manager, CEO Communications, Microsoft, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth Kolbe Hardcastle, esq., Partner, Sidley Austin LLP
Ms. Arisa Nakamori: Human Resource Specialist, U.S. Department of State
Mr. Ari Ne’eman: PhD Candidate in Health Policy, Harvard University
Ms. Nancy Peters: Vocational Facilitator (retired), Special Education District of Lake County
Dr. Katherine Seelman: Associate Dean for Disability Programs (retired), University of Pittsburgh
Ms. Elaine Touch-Malave: Equal Opportunity Specialist, Office of Resolution Management, Department of Veterans Affairs

Financial Information

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation was established in 1991 with a $15M endowment from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and the Mitsubishi Electric US group companies.

Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation by the numbers (as of 3/31/2022):

  • Assets=$28M
  • National Grants to date=$15.2M
  • Matching Grants to date=$4.5M
  • Starfish Matches to date=$0.6M
  • Total Giving to date=$20.3M

Contact Us

For funding inquiries, please learn how to apply for a grant. General inquiries may be submitted via mail or to the email address below.

1300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 825
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: (703)276-8240
Email: (mail link)