TOKYO, October 24, 2017Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that CDP, a global disclosure system that encourages companies and cities to manage their environmental impacts, has given Mitsubishi Electric its highest rank, the A List, in two categories, climate and water, for the second consecutive year.

Mitsubishi Electric's recent initiatives to mitigate climate change include:
- Reduction of CO2 emissions from products by incorporating energy-efficient power semiconductors and by offering solutions for overall systems that deliver high energy-saving performance, such as net-zero energy buildings and net-zero energy houses.
- Reduction of CO2 emissions from production activities by harnessing IoT and other state-of the-art technologies.

Mitsubishi Electric's recent initiatives to preserve water resources include:
- Decreased water use and increased water reuse by conducting water-risk assessments to prioritize global manufacturing sites that most needed to strengthen their water-risk measures.
- Continuous development of technologies and systems for water management and purification, including a water-treatment technology utilizing a membrane separation bioreactor that uses ozonized water and another water-treatment technology based on a gas-liquid interface electrical discharge.

Under its Environmental Vision 2021 plan, Mitsubishi Electric is contributing to low-carbon, recycling-based societies and increased respect for biodiversity. Mitsubishi Electric aims to become a "global, leading green company" that offers sustainability, safety, reliability and comfort by reducing the environmental impact of its products and services, production processes in its global value chain, and infrastructure throughout society.

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