TOKYO, October 26, 2017 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it has begun mass-producing the auto industry's first crankshaft-mounted integrated starter-generator (ISG) system for 48V hybrid vehicles, which will be mounted in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The system will be exhibited during 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex from October 27 to November 5.

Crankshaft ISG system for 48V hybrid

The demand for 48V hybrid vehicles, which offer excellent fuel efficiency at relatively affordable costs, is expected to increase, especially in Europe. Mitsubishi Electric developed its ISG system-a crankshaft direct-driven system for idling-stop-start, energy recovery and torque assist-to achieve higher output power and better fuel efficiency in 48V hybrid vehicles. Mitsubishi Electric will continue developing increasingly smaller, lighter-weight and higher-power ISG systems to increase fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.


Crankshaft-mounted motor realizes excellent fuel efficiency
- Compared to belt-driven starter-generators, the crankshaft-mounted motor produces higher output power and generates more power, which contribute to better fuel efficiency.
Thin-profile, high-power motor for more flexible installations
- Mitsubishi Electric's original coil winding technology realizes a high-density configuration for thick coils required in a 48V high-current motor.
- Thin-profile, higher-power motors adapts flexibly to various vehicle layouts.
Compact, highly reliable inverter
- Newly developed transfer-molded power module for 48V systems reduces heat resistance and enhances durability.
- Optimally designed cooling unit enhances cooling performance to realize a compact, highly reliable inverter.

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