M800/M80 Series CNC

CNC Molding Application

We didn’t just break the mold.
We made it better.

With the convention-shattering performance of the world’s fastest CNC series and features like Super Smooth Surface (SSS) control, the M800/M80 Series CNC from Mitsubishi Electric ensures you achieve faster, smoother operation, better finish, and reduce waste – meaning higher productivity and profitability for your operation.

M800/M80 Series CNC Features

  • CNC-dedicated CPU - The world’s fastest CPU, designed for high throughput and complicated machining applications. This gives you a faster cycle time due to a higher capability in program processing and more accurate machining due to faster CNC to drive communication. 
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Operation (excludes 8.4-inch) - Icon-based navigation improves usability for experienced and novice operators. Screen sizes vary from 10.4-inch, 15-inch and 19-inch for improved screen visibility, along with integrated document viewing. You have the ability to pinch, flick and scroll like a smartphone or tablet.
  • Solid State Hard Drive - Solid state hard drives have no moving parts, which translates into superior reliability, faster processing speed and increased uptime for your operations.
  • Improved SSS Control - Reduces machine vibration during high-speed cutting and optimizes acceleration/deceleration times for each axis. This allows for shorter cutting times with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Large Capacity SD Card Expansion - The control has 2 expansion slots for 32GB SD cards allowing for a total of 64GB of added memory expansion. This enables you to read, write, run and transfer programs via the SD card without lag. Subprogram calls are available as well. The additional memory also allows for large capacity machining programs or graphic data, increasing the possibilities for you to add custom screens.
  • High-speed, High-accuracy Mode - G5P20000 comes standard, allowing you to run complex, highly precise 3D mold work without experiencing a reduction in performance.
 M800/M80 Family