FA Application Package iQ Monozukuri


"iQ Monozukuri" is a step toward achieving e-F@ctory.

The FA application package "iQ Monozukuri" is a product that has been optimized through the accumulation of know how, which supports various problem solutions of the customer during manufacturing, and enables effective system installation, expansion, and operation/maintenance.

iQ Monozukuri CONVERTING

iQ Monozukuri Converting was specifically crafted for OEMs and end users in the printing and converting industries. It includes function blocks for speed/torque control, converting application sample programs, and sample GOT screens. Available for the iQ-R Series PLC platform,it saves valuable program development time and improves production quality.


iQ Monozukuri PACKAGING

iQ Monozukuri Packaging is a complete and powerful engineering tool to help packaging OEMs and end users shorten development time of new machines. It includes function blocks for various cam profiles, rotary cutter, and long dwell application sample programs as well as sample GOT screens.