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MC Historian

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MC Historian™ - High Speed, Reliable and Robust Plant Historian


MC Historian is an advanced 64-bit high-speed, reliable and redundant plant historian product. Fast and accurate access to long term historical data is fundamental to staying competitive today. Long term data is essential to performing analysis and comparing past results to today’s goals. In order to analyze and visualize data in real time, organizations need to have access to plant history easily, quickly and reliably. The MC Historian is designed to log in excess of 100,000 changes per second and collects them simultaneously from many data sources across the enterprise. Advanced compression algorithms can be applied to all archived data, to greatly increase storage capacity while maintaining high resolution.

The MC Historian is easy and quick to configure, locally or remotely via the Web. Optional redundant configuration is supported using redundant MC Historian Collectors and Redundant Loggers. The Performance Calculation Engine allows users to do advanced analysis using a variety of date/time, mathematical string and data retrieval functions to derive any information they might need. Merge data from remote sensors and controller devices or manually input laboratory data as well.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High Performance 64-bit Scalable Plant Historian
  • Archive and Compress Data at +100,000 Values/Sec
  • Web-enabled Configuration and Administration
  • Rich 2D and 3D Real-time Charts, Trends, Grids
  • Remote Collectors with Store and Forward Technology
  • Integrated Redundant Architecture
  • Unattended Data Archiving and Backup
  • Real-time and Historical Data Replay
  • Performance Calculation Engine for Advanced Analysis
  • Diagnostic Data Tracing with Event Logs
  • MergeWorX Historical Data Integration
  • Extensible SQL Query Language

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MC Historian is a trademark of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.