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When Just-in-Time Just Doesn’t Work

November 29, 2021
Manufacturers have been hit hard since the pandemic, with today's supply chain disruptions wreaking havoc on production and earnings. Smart organizations are beginning to ease off the industry's ultra-lean just-in-time approach to inventory management – and turning toward a more balanced position between risk and resilience. Read this month's article to see how you can not only survive during the next big disruption, but thrive.


Revolutionize Your Crane Operations with Industry 4.0

October 26, 2021
If you’re not implementing Industry 4.0 technologies into your crane operations or material handling facilities, you are setting yourself up to be left behind. By embracing technologies such as AI, machine learning, cloud and edge computing, Internet of Things, and data analytics, you can transform your organization and workforce with improved productivity, lower costs, and much more.

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Make Way For More Flexible, Responsive Packaging Robots

September 16, 2021
While robots have been used in packaging enterprises for some time, a new set of pressures is driving the search for greater agility and flexibility to stay competitive. Today’s robotic solutions are doing more than ever to address those needs. Discover how robots are changing the packaging industry and keeping companies afloat.

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Decrease Process Time, Improve Outcomes with Advanced Vibration Suppression

August 23, 2021
Machine vibration can be a problem and if left uncontrolled can reduce the life of your machinery, slow down production, reduce system performance, and cause parts quality to suffer. Fortunately, many of today’s servo systems offer powerful vibration suppression capabilities that can keep you competitive.

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Three Efficiencies to Consider in Water and Wastewater VFD Applications

July 14, 2021
VFDs aren’t new in the water treatment industry, but today’s VFDs are offering a range of capabilities that drive energy efficiency, reduce equipment damage, and keep organizations competitive. Read this month’s feature article for three things that can help you get the most out of your VFDs for water and wastewater applications.


Modernize Water Operations to Minimize Costs

June 24, 2021
The municipal water sector has been plagued by leaks, lead pipes and lack of capital expenditure. The need for smarter, more resilient and more connected services and solutions has never been greater. Digital water solutions — including hardware, software and services — are the answer.


Reduce Risk of Downtime with a VFD That Eliminates Clogs

May 24, 2021
VFDs have long been used in wastewater treatment plants because they offer a range of efficiency and cost-saving benefits. But today’s VFDs can do even more. See how VFDs are leveraging advanced technology to keep treatment plant pumps clear of clogs and running at peak performance.

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Mitsubishi Electric & ICONICS Move SCADA Forward

April 20, 2021
The latest SCADA solution from ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric is now available. ICONICS Suite v10.97 represents a complete upgrade and replacement of MC Works64. It brings new levels of seamless SCADA-based connectivity, while opening a world of new opportunities for IoT, cloud computing, proactive maintenance management and more. Experts from Mitsubishi Electric discuss the features of the new suite and their benefits for customers and end users everywhere.

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New Ways to Leverage Industrial Robots

March 18, 2021
One-by-one, the barriers to industrial robot adoption are being blown away thanks to a convergence of advanced technologies and the introduction of exciting new technologies and services. Read this month’s feature article to learn about the new industries, the new capabilities and the new possibilities for leveraging industrial robots.

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Driving Energy Efficiency

February 22, 2021
Electric motors are used pervasively in industry for industrial pumps, electric fans, compressed air systems, conveyors, material handling and more. Most of these motors run at full speed or they’re off. There is no middle-ground, because their speed can’t be altered on their own. As a result, they consume more electricity than required to do the job. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) can mitigate unnecessary power consumption in many industrial and commercial applications by varying the speed (or frequency) of motors. If you need to comply with government sustainability policies, respond to increasing demand for renewable energy integration, or adhere to the growing importance of energy-efficient systems to reduce operational costs, VFDs are a great way to do it.


Leveraging Data from the Shop Floor to the Top Floor

January 11, 2021
Digital transformation in manufacturing is falling behind other industries. Forbes says, “Many companies have started digital transformation initiatives, but still don’t have a fully connected shop floor for sending useful data across the enterprise.” Data is already available, but these companies haven’t put the technology in place to use that data effectively. McKinsey says an agile (or smart) manufacturing plant can improve operational performance by 30-50%. With so much to gain, why are so many manufacturers dragging their feet?


Integrate Control and Safety and Unlock Hidden Potential

December 14, 2020
When it comes to machine design, safety shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should not be something that is added once the production equipment is in place. Rather, comprehensive safety should be built into every component from the beginning to reduce risk upfront and avoid accidents and litigation later.

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Real-time industrial Ethernet. It’s real. And it’s really r(E)volutionary.

November 17, 2020
Time-sensitive networking (TSN) has been in the news a lot lately. You can understand why if you’ve had to deal with all the different communication standards that co-exist in today’s automation systems.


The Key to Evolutionary IIoT? Backward and Forward Compatibility.

October 27, 2020
IIoT integration is a gradual process, so forward migration and compatibility between older and newer industrial automation components is paramount.

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Compact AI Brings BIG Benefits to Manufacturers

September 29, 2020
Zero unplanned downtime is now a top priority for the majority of manufacturers. Learn how you can make maintenance smarter to drive down costs and protect margins.

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Robots Aren’t Taking Over Manufacturing – They’re Making It Easier

March 17, 2020
What do you picture when you think of a manufacturing facility?


Set It and Forget It – The Reliability of Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Products

December 17, 2019
"Set it and forget it" has become something of a catchphrase for Mitsubishi Electric factory automation products. Why have our products achieved this reputation for reliability?


The Art of Control Design – Taking Dependable Shortcuts

November 18, 2019
Using pre-configured function blocks in machine design is somewhat like copying a research paper, except it’s an encouraged and legitimate way of saving programming time.


Keeping It Cool with Liquid Cooling – Eluding Overheated VFDs

September 16, 2019
VFDs are like a car engine in some ways, both are crammed in a tight space and are susceptible to overheating. Luckily, we have the technology to mitigate this problem.

Handy Portable HMIs

Handheld HMIs are for the multitasker in all of us.

August 14, 2019
The GT25 Handy was created to increase productivity on the manufacturing floor. But what sorts of functions are crammed into that little package?