MTConnect® Adapter


MTConnect® allows your CNC machines and other electrical equipment from different manufacturers to share a common language enabling monitoring of your shop floor. MTConnect is an open standard that utilizes HTTP and XML standards. MTConnect is not an application and does not make calculations. The adapter is read-only, making it impossible to change any information on your machine.

Mitsubishi Electric sells an MTConnect adapter, which is a software package, to capture NC data and send to the agent. The agent then formats the data per the MTConnect standard. Combined with 3rd party software, users are able to see operation status in real time, collect streaming data points from equipment events, and extract machining and operator patterns through data collection. Users can monitor dashboard visualization, establish metric warning thresholds, or oversee their equipment through a mobile app.
Using the data collected from the control, shop floor personnel are able to find problems or inefficiencies in their production line quickly and take action to remedy the situation. Utilizing the adapter and agent with a 3rd party client software will allow you to actively monitor, as well as analyze, your production floor. You will see improvements in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) along with a quick Return On Investment (ROI).

If you are interested in purchasing the MTConnect adapter for your CNC control, please call us at 847-478-2520 or email for more information.


  • Controller Mode
  • Program – Name, Line, Line Label, Block, Header, Message, Sub, Edit, Edit Name
  • Part Count – Current, Target
  • Execution Mode
  • Equipment Mode – Loaded, Rapid, Tapping
  • Emergency Stop
  • Asset – Changed, Removed
  • Alarms/Conditions – Travel, System, Logic, Motion, Coolant, Hydraulic, Lubrication, and Pneumatic
  • Spindle – Speed, Rotary, Load, Override, Direction, Mode, Actual and Programmed Velocity
  • Axis – Actual and Programmed Position/Angle, Load, Speed, Path Position
  • Status - Active Axes, Loaded, Rapid, Tapping
  • Feedrate – Actual, Commanded, Override
  • Rapid Override
  • Availability
  • Tool – Number, Standby, ID, Assets(Tool Manager)
  • Single Block
  • Dry Run
*The data items that can be captured are dependent on the model of your control and the client software capability.


  • One Common Communication Tool for All Equipment - No need to have specialized, proprietary software that restricts you to use certain equipment, or having to purchase multiple software packages.
  • Capture Data in a Single Interface that is Easy to Read - With dashboard visuals, workers and management can easily see if they are meeting established targets and thresholds.
  • Improve OEE for Your Facility - Per The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT), numerous manufacturers that have implemented machine monitoring have seen a 20% improvement in OEE.
  • Gives Management a Complete Overview of Shop Floor Activity - Management can see how machines are operating in real-time, allowing them to catch problems early and improve overall efficiency.
  • Complete ROI in 4~6 Months after Implementation - Implementing machine monitoring pays for itself quickly, increasing the profitability of your company.

*MTConnect is a registered trademark of AMT - The Association For ManufacturingTechnology.

Adapters are available for the following control models:

  • M800M/L
  • M80M/L
  • M700M/L
  • M70M/L
  • Citizen M700 series
  • Citizen M70 Series
  • Mori M730 series
  • C70
  • C64

If your control is not listed above or have a question, please call us at 847-478-2520 or email for more information.