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Click the “Register with MEAU” link in the upper right corner on any page of our website. A new screen will pop up for you to complete required information. After clicking the “Register with MEAU” button, you will receive an email containing a link to complete your registration.
Access to much of our technical content now requires a minimal level of registration. For the best experience on our new website, always sign in to receive expanded content in many areas of the site, including search results. Employees and partners have elevated access to our content. Partners are recognized upon registration based on their email domain. We have pre-certified partner domains in the system which will automatically assign those domain users elevated access upon registration. Username email domains which are not pre-certified will have limited initial access.
If you do not receive the verification email to complete your registration please contact our website support team using the form at the bottom of this page. They will be happy to assist you in getting your registration completed.
If you are registered for the website, you can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot your password?” link on the Sign In pop-up. A reset link will be sent to your email address.
Yes, security requirements will not allow you to remain signed in when you exit the site.
All the links available on the former “Downloads” page on our old website have been added to the “My Mitsubishi” page. The “My Mitsubishi” link appears on the top right corner of every page.
A link to the "My Software Portal" is available under My Account on the My Mitsubishi page. Software products that you currently own which have been registered can all be accessed in the My Software
Portal. If a software product you own is not listed, then it has not been registered. Please register the software within the portal. If you are searching for information on software you have not yet purchased, please proceed to the associated product pages. As an example, GX Works2 is programming software for the programmable logic controllers. GX Works2 information can be found in the controller > engineering software section of the website.
The Search box at the top of every page will search the entire site for matches to the terms you enter. Results can be website pages or documents. The Search box in the Knowledge Base (KB) will display results for matches to the terms you enter only for documents stored in the KB library.
Product Bulletins are now located in the Knowledge Base. Sign in to have access to this documentation. Either go directly to the Knowledge Base and use the search and filter features, or access a quick link on the My Mitsubishi page under the Knowledge Base menu to quickly narrow the search results to only Product Bulletins, then filter by product category and type.
We have implemented the new registration system to improve security, better understand how people use the site and what features and information people need. This will allow us to continually improve the user experience, and augment the information available in our Knowledge Base and other areas of the site. Employees and partners have elevated access to our content which matches the level of access in our former site.
The Customer Portal is Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s next generation online product availability and order management platform, replacing the Extranet. Built on the upgraded technology of our website, the Customer Portal offers a user friendly new design with enhanced features and easy navigation.
The Customer Portal Dashboard link is located in the “My Account” area after navigating to the “My Mitsubishi” section. The “My Mitsubishi” link is located on the top right of every page of the website. Clicking the “Customer Portal Dashboard” link will take you to the landing “Dashboard” of the Customer Portal which you can customize to suit your needs.
Each partner company has an Administrator responsible for assigning security roles for users of the Customer Portal. If you see the link, but cannot access the Customer Portal Dashboard, contact your company’s Administrator for assistance.
For our partners and others with access to our Extranet, the access link is located on the “My Mitsubishi” page under the “Partners” menu. The “My Mitsubishi” link appears on the top right corner of every page. Clicking the “Extranet” link will open a new tab and will require you to login with your User ID and password for the former Work is in progress on an updated web store portal. Once the new web store portal is released, the need for dual sign-in/login will be eliminated.
Our website is supported when using Internet Explorer (IE) 9, IE10, IE11, Chrome, and Firefox. The Extranet portion of our website is supported using IE10.