Parts Catalog


Our online parts catalog is an easy to use guide to help you locate the correct part you need. Enter keywords in the search field or browse by the product and part type drop-down menus. Utilize the pictures to help verify you have the correct part. Take advantage of the alternatives to buying new section showing you any available refurbished and repair options.

To help give you as much information as possible for each part, we developed five different information sections to provide you the most knowledge possible on each part.

Related Parts – These parts may go with the part you are searching for.  For instance, an encoder that goes with a motor, or a cable that goes to an amplifier.

Documentation – These are manuals or other technical documents associated with the part.

Parts Contains
– This section contains parts included in the part.  For instance, a fan inside an amplifier.

Included In – This section shows you what parts have this part included in them.  For instance, the drives a particular fan goes in.

Training – These are associated training classes for our parts for you to learn how to operate or troubleshoot our products.

For price and availability of a part or to place an order, please call us at 847-478-2500 x1 or email