TOKYO, May 8, 2017 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today the launch of a 19.0-inch SXGA color TFT-LCD module, which is equipped with a projected capacitive touch panel utilizing a cover glass of up to 5 millimeters in thickness. Sample sales will begin on June 30 via Mitsubishi Electric offices worldwide. The new module will be presented at the 20th Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC Spring) at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex from May 10 to 12.

Mitsubishi Electric color TFT-LCD module with projected capacitive touch panel

The new module will meet increasing industrial demands for extra-thick or glove-operable cover glass. It also enables accurate, multi-touch sensing even when the screen is wet. The combination of these cutting-edge touch capabilities and Mitsubishi Electric's proven TFT-LCD technologies will support diverse applications and installations.

Product Features

Color TFT-LCD with large projected capacitive touch panel for diverse industrial applications
- 19.0-inch module is ideal for measurement systems, machine tools, gas station POSs and more
Projected capacitive touch panel offers superior operability
- Thick, 5-millimeter cover glass withstands rugged usage
- Ten-point touch operation for accurate sensing
- Highly operable even if screen is wet or user wears gloves
Total solution for touch panels
- One-stop solution for TFT-LCD touch panels and touch-control boards
- Optional optical-bonding solution with resin for TFT-LCD module, touch-panel sensor and cover glass ensure clear images in bright light
- Tempered cover glass and anti-reflection/anti-smudge surface treatment for diverse uses
- Factory-installed TFT-LCD, PCAP touch panel, cover glass and touch controller offer superior reliability

Sample Sale Schedule

Product Model Display Size Resolution LED Driver Shipment
TFT-LCD Module with
Projected Capacitive
touch panel
AA190EB02-PCAP 19.0-inch SXGA Provided June 30, 2017

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