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Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Opens New Office in Boston

CYPRESS, Calif., June 20, 2019 – The Elevator & Escalator Division of Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc., headquartered in Cypress, California, announces the opening of its newest office in Boston, Massachusetts.

The historic city of Boston is popular among young professionals, who relocate to the area in pursuit of job opportunities in one of the city’s three major industries: medicine, technology and higher education. Growth in these industries, the technology sector especially, has also attracted business from both startups and major corporations. To accommodate the growth, Boston is constantly under construction, with new structures being added to the ever-changing skyline and filling the city’s 48 square miles of land space. Billions of dollars have been invested in residential, commercial and infrastructure endeavors in recent years, and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council projects that more than 400,000 new housing units – mostly multifamily and in urban areas – will be needed by the year 2040 for the region to support the growth in its population and industries.

By selecting Boston for the new office, Mitsubishi Electric is positioned to build a business base in the New England market. This is the Elevator & Escalator Division’s first office in the country’s northeast region and will give the division greater access.

"Opening this new office in Boston is a great opportunity to give our company a measurable presence in a very solid real estate development market," said Erik Zommers, senior vice president and general manager, Mitsubishi Electric Elevator & Escalator Division. "We anticipate strong activity and continued expansion of our brand."

Boston appeals to architects, new residents and visitors alike. In a 2018 survey by Travel + Leisure magazine, readers ranked Boston as one of the top 15 cities in America. Tourists flock to the city for its history, charm and dining options. Countless hotels already stand to house the influx of visitors, but more have been built in recent years and the trend is expected to continue.

The Mitsubishi Electric Elevator & Escalator Division was recently contracted to install and maintain a pair of spiral escalators at the Encore Boston Harbor Resort. The escalators are as much a design element as they are functional – they are the first thing guests see when entering the lobby.

"As the only global producer of spiral escalators, we are proud to have our products featured in a number of unique, beautiful projects around the world," said Mike Eden, eastern region director for Mitsubishi Electric Elevator &Escalator Division. "When they are incorporated into such thoughtful surrounding architecture, the escalators become part of the design, too."

In addition to supporting Boston’s commercial development market with new elevator and escalator systems, the Mitsubishi Electric branch office also offers a full preventative maintenance program. The program ensures that elevator and escalator systems run smoothly and operate as safely and reliably as possible. The preventative maintenance program is available to building owners for service contracts of existing systems, even if they are not Mitsubishi Electric brand products.

The new branch office is located at 150 Cordaville Rd, Suite 110, Southborough, Massachusetts.

Other Mitsubishi Electric Elevator & Escalator Division office locations include Cypress, California, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington, DC and Tampa. For more information about Mitsubishi Electric elevators and escalators, visit

About Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Elevator & Escalator Division
Headquartered in Cypress, California, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Elevator and Escalator Division sells, installs, modernizes and services elevators and escalators. The division is recognized as an industry leader in product quality, reliability, and preventive maintenance programs. "Quality in motion" is inherent in the division’s best in class products and people. Quality is at the division’s core. The products differentiate themselves through the smooth ride, leading edge technology and unmatched reliability. The commitment continues over the life of the product through the division’s intensive service program that maximizes uptime of vertical transportation. Additional information is available at or 714/220-4700.

In addition to elevators and escalators, Mitsubishi Electric US group companies’ principal businesses include cooling and heating products, semiconductor devices, automotive electrical components, factory automation products and services, electric utility products and large-scale video displays for stadiums and arenas. Mitsubishi Electric US group companies have 38 locations throughout North America with approximately 4,000 employees.

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