Sharing Our Values


Around a century has passed since the foundation of Mitsubishi Electric. Starting with the mass production of electric fans, Mitsubishi Electric produces electric motors and transformers, as an integrated electronics and electrical manufacturer.
The fields it covers have now expanded globally and even to outer space, thereby changing people’s quality of life with products utilizing its unique technologies.

Three principles that are still alive

Our origins can be traced back to Yataro Iwasaki, who launched the first Mitsubishi company – a shipping firm – in 1870. Later, Mitsubishi Electric was established when Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. spun off a factory in Kobe to manufacture electric motors. President Iwasaki’s philosophy of justice and duty to society is summarized in a creed, called sankoryo or "Three Principles," which are "Corporate Responsibility to Society", "Integrity and Fairness" and "Global Understanding through Business." This ethos has been carried through into Mitsubishi Electric’s corporate slogan, Changes for the Better.

* Provision of reference: Mitsubishi Archives

Around a century of stories

For around 100 years, Mitsubishi Electric has been committed to social contributions. Among them, there are many epoch-making events and unique episodes. This is our journey of making Changes for the Better over our history of about 100 years.

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