Sharing Our Value


Mitsubishi Electric is working on solving social issues around the world — a goal supported by the passion of each one of our employees. We have realized products that support society through taking on the challenge of issues that have never been experienced before.

From cleaning up beaches on weekends to space-scale projects utilizing cutting-edge technologies

In order to put into practice the corporate statement; "Changes for the Better", more than 145,000 employees worldwide share the common goal of "Always improving" and "Always delivering new value."
From weekend volunteer activities such as tree planting and beach cleaning, all the way to global and space-scale projects utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we are working on Changes for the Better activities with a variety of colleagues all over the world.

Stories of our passions

Introduces the unique passions behind our Changes for the Better actions, from big projects to holiday volunteer activities, taking place around the world.

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