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MR-JE-C Servo

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Ethernet Compatible Servo Amplifier MR-JE-C with CC-Link IE Field Basic

The MR-JE-C servo and compatible HG-KN and HG-SN motors provide a user friendly, high quality, low-cost, one-network servo solution. Leading edge technology and advanced functionality packed into this servo solution easily tackle common problems such as complex system configuration with multiple networks, noise issues, poor settling times, cumulative positioning errors, unpredictable mechanical component failure and much more. The MR-JE-C is a cost competitive solution ideal for packaging, labeling, pick and place machines, and parts assembly machines.

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MR-J4-A-RJ Servo Series

Key Benefits
  • Advanced One-Touch Tuning™ – Fast, trouble free servo tuning that really works. Get optimum performance with no tuning experience necessary.
  • CC-Link IE Field Basic network compatible – One-network solution enables a highly-flexible and low-cost system, and seamless connectivity within all levels of manufacturing by SLMP (Seamless Message Protocol)
  • CiA 402 drive profile operation – Four modes are supported, including profile position mode, profile velocity mode, profile torque mode and homing mode
  • Inherent features of MR-JE Series  – Supports pulse train command, analog voltage command, and absolute position detection system
  • Modbus®/TCP network – Enable master device to drive machines
  • High 17-Bit resolution encoder – Achieve high-accuracy positioning

Outstanding Performance
  • Improves machine efficiency – Mitsubishi Electric provides powerful first-class advanced One-touch tuning that sets gains and filters in real-time. Over the life cycle of the machine continuous tuning optimizes gains to minimize settling time and eliminate cumulative errors. As the machine ages, system longevity and machine efficiency are improved.
  • Simple System Configuration and Setup – CC-Link IE Field Basic supports small-scale network configuration with a wide range of connected products. MR-JE-C can be programmed by drive profile operation and pulse train command for positioning control. Servo setup connectivity to MR Configurator2 is available and easy via Ethernet..
    Applications requiring camming will benefit from the simple cam function, which makes it easy to enable synchronous control with 3 different cam control modes. Control via software rather than mechanical components reduces maintenance and commissioning time, and increases machine flexibility.
  • Easily Configure Multi-Axis Systems – A system configured with CC-Link IE Field Network Basic features the following:
    • Flexible network connection is easily configured using a managed switch. (Network topology: Star topology, maximum station-to-station distance: 100 m).
    • An FX5 CPU module alone controls multiple axes. (Up to 6 axes are connectable.)
    • Simple synchronous operations including horizontal, vertical, and rotational movements are possible with a start signal to all axes via cyclic transmission.
    • Tuning, monitoring, diagnosing, reading/writing parameters, and test operations are enabled with a personal computer (MR Configurator2) connected via Ethernet.