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5 Keys of Mitsubishi Electric's Solution

How data centers can minimize the impact
to the globe with energy efficiency.


When it comes to data centers and server rooms, it is imperative that the servers and IT equipment are kept in optimal conditions at all times.


We offer MVS and LVS with superior durability and high impermeability, contributing to the stable operation and safety of data centers.


Mitsubishi Electric's elevators and escalators are equipped with a variety of world-class technologies and functions that save energy and improve efficiency and convenience.


Mitsubishi Electric has a proven track record of delivering high-quality Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions to meet the most demanding uptime requirements.


DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management), a high-level comprehensive supervisory system, and PLC, the industry's most advanced supervisory and control service, will greatly improve the efficiency of your data center operations.

VFD (Variable-Frequency Drives)

Mitsubishi Electric's VFD promotes the development of miniaturized, high-efficiency, and high-output technologies for motors and inverters, contributing to energy savings and resource conservation of air conditioning equipment.

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