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MELDAC Machine Mount Controller Overview

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MELDAC™ Machine Mount Controller

The MELDAC machine mount controller with its own IP67 rated enclosure, takes the PLC out of the limitations of a control panel, and mounts it right on the machine. The controller is powered by the Q Series and iQ-R Series platforms with a variety of communication options including CC-Link® IE, EtherNet/IP™, Profinet®, Profibus®, among others. Beyond dust and wash down protection, the benefits of the MELDAC controller include reduced cost in all aspects of manufacturing: mounting the controller right on the machine simplifies panel design, quick connect cables save time spent on wiring and troubleshooting, and the flexibility of a distributed control system allows for future expansion or retrofits.

Key Benefits
iQ-R Series
  • IP67 enclosure – Guards against harsh industrial environments to provide dust and wash down protection
  • Cabinet free controller – Minimizes hardware in the control cabinet, reduces control panel size, and allows for modular machine designs
  • Machine mounted control – Simplifies wiring layout and eliminates the need to open the control cabinet or go to a control room for diagnostics
  • Preconfigured, quick connect cables – Reduces wiring and associated costs, reduces configuration mistakes, and speeds up time-to-market
  • Open network connectivity – Connects to your network of choice, including CC-Link, CC-Link IE, EtherNet/IP, Profibus, and Profinet. Enables hassle-free communication to other CPUs, I/Os, and plant monitoring systems.
CC-Link® and CC-Link® IE are registered trademarks of CC-Link Partner Association.
EtherNet/IP™ is a trademark of ODVA.
Profibus® and Profinet are registered trademarks of PROFIBUS and PROFINET International.

Plug and Play Connection Speeds up Time-To-Market
The MELDAC controller uses universal M12 connectors that are extremely robust and flexible for in-field assembly. This eliminates the need to strip, crimp, label, and screw down a wire since plug and play connections are quickly and reliably made. Special tools and extensive training are not needed to replace common devices. The end result is less time and money spent on wiring and mounting components.


Multiple Machine Mount Options
Designed to be plate or DIN-rail mountable, the MELDAC controller ships with a mounting kit attached to provide users flexibility in mounting options. Placing the controller directly on the machine, and close to the components being controlled, simplifies the wiring layout and reduces the number of times engineers need to refer back to wiring diagrams. This results in less wiring, less mistakes, and faster troubleshooting.

Multiple Machine Mount

Flexibility to Reconfigure at Any Time
The MELDAC controller allows for easy adjustments to accommodate last minute changes during the commissioning process because there is no need to redesign the control panel or run new wire and conduits. It also provides flexibility to adopt a new configuration if the equipment needs to be moved to a different location.

Powered by Q Series and iQ-R Series Platforms
The MELDAC controller is powered by Mitsubishi Electric’s highly integrated Q Series and iQ-R Series controller platforms. It is programmed using the same programming software and diagnostics tools as other Mitsubishi Electric controllers which minimizes the learning curve for design and maintenance engineers.

iQ-RiQ Rack Sequence CNC Robot Motion Right Angle

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