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The Volunteer Committee (renamed VISION in 2000) was created in November 1991 in conjunction with the formation of the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Japan and the Mitsubishi Electric U.S. companies jointly fund the foundation. The foundation’s mission is to contribute to a better world by helping young people with disabilities, through technology, to maximize their potential and participation in society.

The foundation provides some funding, training and support for the Mitsubishi Electric US company volunteer committees. VISION, the Mitsubishi Electric Automation volunteer committee, began as one member, a small budget and great intentions. It has grown to become a strong supporter of local charities dedicated to young people with disabilities. Because of our committed employees that support VISION’s efforts, we were awarded the foundation’s Starfish Enterprise Award for excellence in 1999.

Today, VISION continues to follow the foundation’s mission and ideals, helping young people with disabilities expand their opportunities to live more fulfilling lives. Currently, VISION works with the following organizations:

  • Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County (SRACLC)
  • Special Olympics – Area 2 & 18
  • Special Education District of Lake County (SEDOL)
  • North Suburban Special Education Organization – Sunrise Lake Outdoor Center

VISION also has supported various employee-driven fundraising efforts:

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Heart Association
  • American Gastroenterological Association
  • Home of The Sparrow

VISION activities include employees participating in Global Youth Service Day, Make-A-Difference Day, Disability Mentoring Day, Tricycle Olympics, food/clothing/household drives, and various efforts as presented to the committee by employees.

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