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New White Paper Provides Solutions to Complex Demands of Machine Design in Packaging Industry

Optimizing Innovation in Machine Design White Paper Cover

Vernon Hills, Illinois - December 03, 2018

As part of its packaging industry initiative, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. has released the fourth in a series of white papers for packaging professionals and OEMs who build machines for the packaging industry. The latest paper, titled Optimizing Innovation in Machine Design, was written to enlighten readers on how innovative solutions in machine design can lead to faster and more efficient machine program design in packaging machines. The paper discusses ways to simplify machine design for repeatability from machine type to machine type, bringing consistency between machines for faster design and simpler servicing after installation.

The white paper educates readers about ways to streamline machine and program design time using solutions such as Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ Monozukuri Packaging library, which standardizes function block code for common functions like rotary knife, flying shear, smart conveyors, registration control, and other functions that are typically part of many packaging machines.

By reading the white paper, OEMs learn how they can benefit from quicker machine development through preconfigured function block code, uniform program templates for quicker programming, and ease of servicing through consistent program design. Cam calculations are preconfigured for flying shear, long dwell, and box motion functions, thus reducing engineering time and overall the program development time. The paper makes the case for using a reliable code base for repetitive functions in order to minimize variations in designs and improve overall delivery response, while lowering the engineering costs to deploy over time. 

“While the paper is written specifically for the packaging industry, we believe that OEMs and end users in a variety of manufacturing sectors will find the concepts in the paper adaptable to machines used in their industries,” said Elaine Wang, senior product marketing engineer at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. 

OEMs, packaging professionals and manufacturers are invited to access the white paper, “Optimizing Innovation in Machine Design” at

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