Q Series

The MELSEC-Q Series sets the standard for speed, precision, and performance. Multi-disciplinary in design, the Q Series offers a broad spectrum of automation capabilities from basic sequence control to process/redundant, motion and PC-based control functions. Flexible and expandable, you can mix and match standard Q Series modules to create a system that addresses the functions you need. Whether it is a small stand-alone machine or entire plants in a variety of industries, this controller line can help you minimze operation cycles, improve performance, and maxiize equipment uptime.

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The Q Series offers multiple CPU types and sizes to best fit your specific application needs.


Base Unit

Q Series modules such as power supply, CPU, and input/output must be mounted on a base unit.


Power Supply

The power supply module supplies electricity to CPU, input/output, and other Q Series modules.


I/O module

The I/O modules connect the control system to input and output devices. I/O modules are available in a variety of types and sizes to suit all system requirements.


Analog I/O module

The analog I/O modules process analog signals for data input and output. They provide an interface to quickly and accurately sense variable levels of voltage and current signals.


Pulse I/O, counter module

Pulse input and high-speed counter modules support high-resolution devices and allow the controller to sense high frequency pulses.


Positioning module

Positioning modules integrate extremely fast and accurate positioning control directly onto the Q Series system. It offers a variety of control schemes to cater to different positioning requirements.


Information module

Information modules enable comprehensive data collection and distribution. This information exchange improves production efficiency and throughput.


Control network module

The Q Series offers connectivity to all major control-level networks, providing seamless connectivity to any layer of the factory automation networks.


Energy measuring module

Energy measuring modules monitor a variety of energy information including current, voltage, power, and frequency.



We also provide an extensive lineup of peripheral products such as connectors for input/output modules and industrial hubs.