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Network-related products - CC-Link IE TSN

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Open integrated networking across the manufacturing enterprise

Leveraging an integrated and open network utilizing TSN technology realizes real-time data collection from the shop floor to IT systems

CC-Link IE TSN supports TCP/IP communications and applies it to industrial architectures through its support of TSN enabling real-time communications. Its flexible system architecture and extensive setup and troubleshooting features make CC-Link IE TSN ideal for building an IIoT infrastructure across the manufacturing enterprise.

*TSN: Time Sensitive Networking
*IIoT: Industrial Internet of Things

What is Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)?

TSN is the IEEE-defined standard technology that enables deterministic messaging on standard Ethernet. The technology ensures deterministic communications by utilizing the time synchronization method (IEEE 802.1AS) and time-sharing method (IEEE 802.1Qbv). With the addition of these standards to Ethernet technology, real-time control communication and non-real time information communication can be mixed, which is not possible with conventional Ethernet communications.

: Features utilizing TSN technology

CC-Link IE TSN is an open industrial network inheriting the easy diagnostics of the CC-Link IE Field Network, the large-capacity data communications of the CC-Link IE Control Network, and the high-performance motion control features of SSCNET. Through the incorporation of TSN technology, this network further leverages control system performance to realize an open integrated network with advanced functionality.

Current manufacturing trends are utilizing AI and predictive maintenance to ensure high productivity and quality are achieved simultaneously. This requires high-speed communication and deterministic control of large volumes of data to IT systems. The innovative communication technology of CC-Link IE TSN increases communication performance, enables highly accurate motion control and high‑speed I/O control without adversely affecting operating performance.

Intelligent networks that support industrial communications to realize easy device setup and preventive maintenance are essential for efficient operations. CC‑Link IE TSN supports third‑party diagnostic software, enabling troubleshooting of network devices (including standard Ethernet). Network event errors are time-stamped, enabling the actual cause of error to be easily evaluated. In addition, automatic generation of network system architectures and parameters simplifies commissioning.

CC-Link IE TSN is the key to realizing real-time communication in manufacturing systems utilizing TCP/IP-compatible Ethernet‑based networks. It also enables third‑party networks and standard Ethernet devices such as vision sensors and wireless routers to be integrated, and has multiple topology possibilities in support of highly scalable and flexible system architectures.