Simple Application Controllers


The Alpha2 smart relay controller provides a reliable solution for basic control. It’s a perfect option for applications such as lighting, air conditioning, security, temperature, and pump/compressor control.

Product List

ALPHA2 Main Unit

99lp2_s001 All-in-one power supply, CPU, and I/O main unit. Built-in features include a display with function keys, analog inputs, counters, and timers.

I/O Expansion

99lp2_s002 Additional inputs or outputs can be added to complement the built-in I/O.

Analog Control

99lp2_s003 Analog outputs and temperature sensor inputs can be added to the main unit.


99lp2_s004 AS-Interface communication interface is available as an expansion option.

Engineering Software

99lp2_s005 Intuitive, function block-based programming software for the Alpha2 enables easy and efficient programming.


99lp2_s006 Cables and memory cassettes compatible with the Alpha2.