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MR-J5 Servo Products set the standard for Servo Performance in the world of Factory Automation. Cutting-edge technology, industry leading performance, and advanced servo features allow users to unlock unused potential in their machines and factories.
Available in 200V up to 7.0 kW and 400V up to 3.5kW (more capacities available soon), MR-J5 offers Industry Leading performance, predictive maintenance capabilities, functional safety, and CC-Link IE TSN connectivity. Take advantage of Mitsubishi Electric's complete line of Automation Products including PLC, GOT, Inverters, CNC, and Robots to build a complete system that meets your exact needs.

Servo Amplifier

MR-J5 servo amplifiers allow for high-speed precise control of MR-J5 servo motors. Built-in servo functions automatically tune an axis, suppress vibrations, predict failures, support functional safety sub-functions, and enable easy trouble shooting and maintenance. Choose from single, dual, and three axis configurations and reduce servo system footprint, decreasing settling time, simplifying wiring, and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a Mitsubishi Electric Servo System.


Rotary Servo Motor

MR-J5 servo motors provide industry leading performance and precision in a compact footprint to meet a wide range of application needs. Featuring an expanded capacity range, single cable, geared option, functional safety option, and a battery less encoder 26 bit encoder. Reduce servo motor footprint and maximize performance. Sizing and Selection is made easy with our NEW Motorizer Sizing Software and our Servo Selection Tool.


Linear Servo Motor

LM-Series Linear Servo Motors are available with three different core types and one core-less option for maximum flexibility and performance. Compatible with all MR-J5 amplifiers.


Direct Drive Motor

TM-RFM and TM-RG2M/RU2M series direct drive motors are compatible with all MR-J5 amplifiers. Direct Drive motors fit perfectly into applications requiring a reduced footprint, low speed, high torque, and a direct connection to a load.