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FR-A800-LC Series (Liquid Cooled) Overview

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FR-A800-LC Liquid Cooled Inverter

The FR-A800-LC, part of the FR-A800 Plus Series of specialized solutions, is a liquid cooled Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). It uses coolant from an external cooling system to regulate the internal temperature of the VFD. This enables it to be used in situations where air-cooling would be difficult, or when control system space is at a premium, such as heavy industry or HVAC applications.


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Key Benefits

  • Smaller enclosure – Unlike VFDs with fan-cooled systems, the liquid cooling capability allows a smaller enclosure to be used when control space is limited
  • Dedicated monitoring functions – When coolant in the enclosure decreases, a warning is output, enabling quick, direct detection of system faults.
  • Built-in EMC/capacitive filter – Filters out undesirable frequencies
  • Common mode choke – Suppresses electromagnetic and radio frequency interference
  • 690 VAC power supply voltage supported – A wider range of power supply voltage is also covered
  • Optimum excitation control for reducing energy consumption – We have adopted and perfected optimum excitation control to ensure that the energy-saving effects are realized during constant torque as well as during the motor’s acceleration/deceleration operations.


Advantages of Liquid Cooled Capability
  • Heat displacement: Reliably removes heat from the power semiconductor devices and auxiliary components within the inverter.
  • Longer system life: The cooling system keeps the overall VFD temperature maintained and constant, letting it function better and longer.
  • Small equipment footprint: When optimized, the cooling system allows the VFD to deliver rated power with a very small equipment footprint.


Application Examples
The liquid cooled capability of the FR-A800-LC makes it a good fit for the following applications:
  • Heavy industrial: Underground mining conveyor systems, shield and tunnel boring systems
  • HVAC: Industrial cooling and chiller systems

Intelligent Energy Optimization

As a result of the enhanced optimum excitation control in Mitsubishi Electric variable frequency drives, over current is no longer generated during steep acceleration/deceleration even without limiting the amount of voltage compensation during these operations which ultimately provides improved energy savings.