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MELIPC MI2000 Industrial Computer With MCWORKS64 Edge Software

MI2000, part of the MELIPC Series of industrial computers, is low-profile and cost effective, and achieves real-time device control. Its edge computing capabilities enable data collection and analysis in the “middle level” between the IT system and the shop floor. MI2000 offers wide-ranging system expansions to optimize IoT use on production floors, and can be purchased stand-alone, or with MC Works64 Edge software as part of a comprehensive data solution bundle.


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Key Benefits
  • Pre-installed and licensed MC Works64 Edge – When bundled with MC Works64 Edge SCADA visualization software, MI2000 transforms collected data from controllers, databases, and other OPC enabled devices into advanced visualization. MC Works64 Edge also allows real-time tracking of machine operations, key alarms, and OEE, utilizing several different client technologies. Through the MELIPC Data Solutions bundle, there is no need to go through a software installation process, saving time and money.
  • Easily accessible KPIs –Deploy a dashboard with machine or technology line KPIs within minutes.
  • Track on-floor information – Track all on floor information, including performed maintenance. Monitor the entire manufacturing plant and analyze key indicators for signs of decreasing performance and upcoming failure indicators.
  • System flexibility – When bundled with MC Works64 Edge OPC technology, MI2000 can connect to any type of controller on the market.
  • Pre-installed MX OPC Server for data collection from Mitsubishi Electric PLC devices – As with all Mitsubishi Electric products, MI2000 seamlessly integrates with the rest of Mitsubishi Electric’s full automation portfolio.


Pre-installed software enables easy collection of data from Mitsubishi Electric products. Installing additional software allows collection of data from third-party products.



Modeled after Mitsubishi Electric’s line of PLCs, MI2000 continues our reputation for reliable, hardy equipment.


View Product Details Find a Local Distributor