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RV-CR Series Features

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Vertical type robot RV-CR series

MELFA CR series features

Please refer to the "Catalogs" or the "Manuals" for RV-CR series.

RV-8CRL Standard Specifications Manual

Slim and compact

RV-CR series

  • • A smooth, curved design complements the slim arm and compact joints.
  • • In addition to a slim, compact exterior and small robot base, its structure features minimal protrusions, resulting in reduced interference with surroundings when the robot operates.
    This makes it suited to integration with automation cells and manufacturing equipment.
  • • Maximum load capacity:8kg
  • • Controller Types
    D Type: Standalone controller (CR800-D controller)


Longest-in-class arm length

  • Highest-in-class load capacity
    Featuring a highest-in-class maximum load capacity of 8kg, these robots boast a lighter-weight structure and reduced unit weight thanks to their simplified drive system and optimized arm structure, resulting in enhanced load capacity.

  • Largest-in-class effective working area
    Offers highest-in-class maximum reach radius of 931 mm. The use of a no-offset lower arm structure eliminating the J2-axis joint offset minimizes the interference region in the minimum turning radius and provides the largest-in-class effective working area.


Featuring a new motor

HK motor

  • Pursuing practical performance
    Uses an HK motor, the latest servomotor from Mitsubishi Electric. This allows improved torque characteristics, accuracy, and responsiveness while substantially reducing the size and weight. This adds up to much better robot performance and greater compactness.

  • Continuous operation performance
    Lighter weight and improved heat release translate to improved continuous operation performance.

Simple structure improves ease of maintenance

Simple structure improves ease of maintenance

  • Beltless coaxial drive mechanism
    A coaxial drive mechanism without belts is used for transmission to each axis (excluding the J4 and J5 axes).
    Simplification of the structure has improved transmission efficiency and reliability while also improving the ease of maintenance.

  • No backup battery
    The use of the new HK motor eliminates the need for a battery to back up the robot's internal encoder.
    This eliminates the cost and effort of regular replacement as well as the risk of losing origin coordinates due to battery failure.

Can be used in oil mist environments

Can be used in oil mist environments

  • Standard IP65 support
    Comes standard with environmental resistance features allowing installation in plants and equipment where dust or oil mist is present.


User wiring/piping built into arm

A signal wire and air piping that can be used for gripper control, etc., are built in from the base to the forearm. Both ends of the signal wire have universal D-sub connectors for use in various applications.

MELFA Smart Plus Features

MELFA Smart Plus is an option that brings next-generation intelligence to MELFA FR series robots.
This provides leading-edge functions for all phases of customer's operations, from design and startup through to operation and maintenance. *Activated with the insertion of a Smart Plus card into CR800 controller.

CR800 MELFA Smart Plus card

Intelligent technology

Intelligent technology

Through the use of highly accurate vision sensors and force sensors that control the levels of force applied by robots, it is now possible to automate extremely difficult tasks that have been beyond the scope of automation in the past.

Example of intelligent technology

  • Force sensor: Checks pressing force and force conditions at time of insertion, improving operational quality.
  • 3D vision sensor: Kitting and separation of scattered or stacked workpieces.
  • 2D vision sensor: Vision sensor configuration tool allows easy calibration of robot and camera.


Tracking and additional axis control

Comes standard with tracking and additional axis control




  • Robot tracks workpiece on conveyor, allowing transfer, alignment, and assembly without stopping conveyor.


Additional axis control


Additional axis control

  • Build user mechanism controlling additional axes simultaneously with robot such as robot drive axis or turntable or separate from robot such as loader or positioning device. Control up to 8 axes.
  • Our MELSERVO(MR-J4-B) servomotor can be used with additional axes.


Safety functions

Safety functions

  • Safety monitoring function
    We will prepare a safety function compliant with international standards that simplifies risk assessments.

  • Safety I/O
    Extends redundant safety I/O to 8 inputs and 4 outputs. Enables development of various safety systems.

  • Safety logic editing
    Simplifies development and operation of safety systems with safety logic editing.

RV-CR series lineup

RV-CR series lineup

D Type Controller (Standalone type)

Robot arm options (RV-CR series)

Robot arm options RV-CR series