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Contactors and Motor Starters


The MS-N and MS-T series contactors and motor starters offer a high level of versatility for AC and DC control. Its compact design, combined with a wide range of add-on accessories provide adaptability for any motor control, lighting, pumping and conveyor type application. This proven solution provides the highest level of reliability anywhere around the world.

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15lp2_s002 Safe and easy way for switching a power circuit on and off.


15lp2_s003 Contactor relays are utilized for switching devices in control and auxiliary circuits.

Motor Protection Relays

15lp2_s004 Thermal overload relays are used to prevent overcurrent damage to a motor and protection during a short circuit occurrence.

Definite Purpose Contactors

15lp2_s005 Definite purpose contactors are compact in size, providing customers with a space-saving option that offers high performance in any application.

Solid State Contactors

15lp2_s006 Contactors offer superior performance in power control applications.

Motor Circuit Breakers

15lp2_s007 A motor circuit breaker is a device integrating low voltage circuit breakers and thermal overload relay functions