Related Components


Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of specialty relays and starters that can be used with our control devices for additional protection and control of motors or other complex applications.

Electronic Motor Protection Relays

A fully functional electronic relay that monitors and protects motors in locked rotor, phase failure, phase imbalance and incorrect phase sequence conditions.


Pneumatic Time Delay Relays

Mitsubishi Electric SRTD series pneumatic time delays are designed for general purpose time delaying in star-delta starters and transfer panel applications.


Voltage Detection Relays

Mitsubishi Electric series SRE relays are specially designed for voltage sensing. Relay type SRE-A is specially designed for the detection of undervoltage/ overvoltage conditions and SRE-K series are used for the switching of automatic transfer panels.


Restarting Relay

Mitsubishi Electric series UA-DL re-starting relays are specially designed for automatic re-start requirements when an instantaneous power failure or voltage drop occurs.


Star Delta Starters

Mitsubishi Electric series EYD-N star-delta starters are suitable for squirrel-cage motors that are rated 4kW to 250kW and used to control and lower the starting current or starting torque.