Energy Measuring Units


Energy measuring modules monitor a variety of energy information including current, voltage, frequency, power, demand, energy, power factor and much more.

Energy Measuring Unit - EcoMonitorLight

EcoMonitorLight EMU4 Series power meters provide electrical metering for machine panels, power distribution panels, lighting panels, renewable energy, OEM applications, facility or building automation loads. The EMU4 data logging option can store up to 620 days of energy data.


Energy Measuring Unit - EcoMonitorPlus

EcoMonitorPlus series is a flexible and scalable energy measuring platform which allows economical sub-metering of multiple loads. The modular compact design of the EMU4 Plus is ideal for multi branch circuit applications, data centers, facility or building automation, and multiple loads on a manufacturing line. Tracking energy or insulation monitoring for several loads with one product significantly cuts down installation, network, and hardware costs.