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SCADA software-ICONICS Suite™

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GENESIS64™ product configuration

GENESIS64™ licenses are available as a server license, client license, and optional license. Please select products by referring to the flow of selection.

● : included – : not included

Function list (A server product)

  GENESIS64™ Basic SCADA GENESIS64™ Advanced
How to count tags Static Tag (count all tags) Dynamic Tag (count tags in use)
Number of tags 75, 150, 500, 1500, 5K*1 75, 150, 500, 1500, 5k,
15k, 50k, 100k, 250k*1
Server function
AlarmWorX™ Server & Logger Alarm visualization
WebHMI™ Server Remote monitoring
(for web browser)
AssetWorX™ Server Asset management using a hierarchical tree structure
(Excel® based bulk asset configuration tool is not included)
Hyper Historian™ Express*2 High-speed/highly reliable data collection
Redundant/Distribute Redundant/distributed server
AlertWorX™ Alarm notification by email Option
MobileHMI™ Server Remote monitoring
(for mobile application)
Workflow Programming by flowchart Option
Hyper Historian™ Standard/Enterprise*2 High-speed/highly reliable data collection (extended version) Option Option
BridgeWorX™ Transaction-based processing by flowchart Option Option
ReportWorX™ Automated reporting Option Option
Connection to devices/external services
Mitsubishi Electric FA Connector Mitsubishi Electric products connection (direct driver)
OPC Classic OPC Classic connection
OPC UA OPC UA connection
Databases (GridWorX™ Server) Database access
EtherNet/IP™ EtherNet/IP™ connection Option
MODBUS® MODBUS® connection Option
BACnet® BACnet® connection Option
SNMP SNMP connection Option
Web Services Web service access Option
IoT Publisher
Data transferring to cloud service Option
Client function
GraphWorX™ Graphic creation/visualization
(without 3D function)
TrendWorX™ Viewer Real-time and historical trends
AlarmWorX™ Viewer Alarm visualization
EarthWorX™ Viewer Monitor widely dispersed assets
KPIWorX™ Dashboard creation
ReportWorX™ Express Manual reporting
Workbench Centralized project management
Asset Navigator Asset tree display Option
GridWorX™ Viewer Database access Option
*1. Select additional tag option to increase tag count if needed.
*2. For functional differences, please refer to the function list (Hyper Historian™ products).