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Why version control software makes digitalization easier

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Why Version Control Software Makes Digitalization Easier

Why Version Control Software Makes Digitalization Easier

Two leaders in the field of industrial version control software in Europe and North America—Auvesy and MDT Software--have joined forces to create a new company designed to make digitalization easier for customers.

Auvesy-MDT is now serving an even larger number of customers, uniting its product investments into a single effort that promises to accelerate innovation and adoption across two continents by combining features and device libraries. This will also aid the new company in transitioning to a subscription model.

octoplant, their comprehensive new product platform, was introduced in April 2022 and combines all of the features available with its predecessors, AutoSave and versiondog. It’s designed to ensure data consistency and greater protection for production plants and will help customers reduce downtime, aid in compliance and reduce cyber risk.

The modular software platform offers comprehensive asset and device management as well as backups. Business intelligence enables consistent data evaluation, unlocking valuable insights. And seamless compliance management and reliable threat protection deliver the optimal combination of OT and IT.

A member of the eF@ctory Alliance, Auvesy-MDT and its new octoplant platform provide new capabilities to Mitsubishi Electric customers working to develop smarter, more connected factories, enabling them to deliver increased reliability, security and efficiency in their operations.

The module for Mitsubishi Robots manages source files and changes for devices supported by the Mitsubishi RT ToolBox 3 software. It provides an interactive environment and background monitoring to provide a complete change management solution. Features include launch and version control, an email dashboard notification of both scheduled and completed changes and a comprehensive monitoring and change detection system.


As industrial plants are becoming increasingly complex, the growing number of industrial IoT devices, sensors and field devices, as well as more suppliers and service providers, are driving an increase in data points. Adding to the complexity are 24/7 operations with tightening set-up times, smaller batch sizes and external challenges such as compliance, regulation and cyber risks.

octoplant is designed to keep production running, guaranteeing maximum reliability with minimal downtime, increased quality and high safety standards. It’s a solution that creates efficiency in production with predictive maintenance and data-based decision-making.

In addition to functionalities for securing production, octoplant also provides a BI solution where information for production, maintenance and management are displayed as dashboards. Data from multiple octoplant servers can be linked, evaluated and analyzed. The system deploys dashboards to provide information and transparency about active jobs, project analytics and reporting for users and clients.

Managing complexity

octoplant helps industrial facilities achieve complete control over the production environment and industrial automation by maintaining greater data consistency, security, safety and reliability with backups and version control.

  • Get an overview of your asset landscape, organize devices and drivers, and log the history of changes.
  • Create (automatic) backups and stay up to date on (unplanned) changes – with full visibility of any deviations.
  • Reduce downtime and use the change history to restore configurations. Quickly find and upload the correct version.
  • Get an overview of your automation ecosystem data with an easy-to-use data analytics platform.
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) through standardization, synchronization, increased visibility and system integration.
  • Implement regulatory workflows and compliance requirements and easily provide the necessary documentation for audits.
  • Identify potential risks or vulnerabilities and get recommendations to maximize reliability and stability.

For more information about Auvesy-MDT and its octoplant platform, go to

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