CNC Preventive Maintenance


Your CNC machine is critical to your operations. Production lost during unplanned downtime can be the biggest cost of a failure. Proactive preventive maintenance lowers your total cost of ownership and saves you money in the long run.

With regular, proper service and maintenance from Mitsubishi Electric experts, you can avoid premature failure and costly, unplanned downtime. We scan for potential causes of future failures and confirm all voltages are within specified tolerances. We change batteries and fans, verify safety circuits and report on current feedback to determine possible mechanical issues. We can add this service to our on-site visit or plan a scheduled maintenance call at a time that makes sense for your production schedule.

While our preventive maintenance services are customized to meet each customer’s machine needs, some of the services performed during our preventive maintenance visit will include:

  • Replacing servo and spindle drive fans
  • Replacing control and home position backup batteries (if applicable)
  • Machine inspection, including incoming power, power supplies, control contamination, cables, interlocks, ground, and emergency stop operations
  • Axis and spindle operations inspection, to look for excessive current, abnormal noise, or vibration
  • Verifying NC communications

At the end of the preventive maintenance visit we will provide you with a report highlighting any issues that need to be addressed to keep your machine running in optimal condition.

Contact us today at or call 847-478-2500 x2 to schedule your preventive maintenance visit.