CNC Total Care Package


Your CNC Machine is a critical part of your manufacturing process. Ensure your machine tool is running at optimal levels and maximizing your business potential by implementing Mitsubishi Electric’s CNC Total Care Package.

Our CNC Total Care Package combines three of our trusted services: Machine Tuning, Preventative Maintenance, and CloudCNC®, in an affordable package setting to get your machine running at peak performance.

While our CNC Total Care Package service is customized to meet each customer’s machine needs, some of the services performed during our visit will include:

  • Replacing control, servo, and spindle drive fans (if applicable)
  • Replacing control and home position backup batteries (if applicable)
  • A machine inspection, including incoming power, power supplies, control contamination, cables, interlocks, ground, and emergency stop operations
  • Axis and spindle operations inspection, to look for excessive current, abnormal noise, or vibration
  • Verifying program and parameter uploading/downloading communications
  • A full comprehensive CloudCNC backup of your machine’s parameters, ladders, and data

Common Questions

What is the price for CNC Total Care Package? The price for our CNC Total Care Package is dependent on a number of factors including MTB, Model, and Control series. We will offer a customized quote based on the previously listed factors.

How will this benefit my machine? With The CNC Total Care Package, you can expect your rejuvenated machine to run at peak performance levels, bringing it back to as close to new as possible.

How do I get started? Contact us today at or call (847) 478-2500 x2