Machine Tuning


Mitsubishi Electric’s Machine Tuning service can reduce motion disturbance – like mechanical and electronic resonance – and improve cycle times. We accomplish this by fine-tuning the motor to the ideal speed that reduces vibration, shock and provides optimum machining tolerance. In turn, the faster the axes can respond to speed changes in the part program, the shorter your overall cycle time can become.

Servo/spindle parameter standard values allow a machine to operate in a general range of conditions; however, your machine or job requirements may be different. Perhaps you have a heavy part, added a part tombstone, or changed the chuck size. Through tuning, we can optimize your machine to your exact cutting conditions and help maximize its potential.

Benefits of machine tuning can include

  • Machine accuracy improvement
  • Fewer machine alarms
  • Speed optimization to enable you to run the machine as fast as practical for the application
  • Shock reduction while in motion
  • Waste reduction due to less parts being scrapped

Potential issues machine tuning can address/fix

  • Vibration and noise, which can leave marks or gouges on your parts
  • Issues resulting from machine specification changes, such as adding a larger chuck
  • Problems in certain machining modes such as spindle synchronization, synchronous tapping, C-axis mode, polygon cutting and gear hobbing
  • Slow cycle times

Machine tuning can also help determine if a particular problem is mechanical in nature. At the end of our service, we will provide a report with a description of what was done and our recommendations for any additional actions you can take to achieve optimum performance.

Tuning your machine can add more money to your bottom line. You may see uptime improvements by having fewer alarms, improved part finish with less scrapped parts and shorter machining times by having a faster machine. Call us at 847-478-2500 x2 or email to learn more about machine tuning and to schedule an appointment.