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We offer a complete line of Inverter components and accessories.
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HVAC Solutions

Our dedicated HVAC solutions are perfectly adapted for the special needs of the commercial building sector.
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Engineered Solutions


The Engineered Solutions program takes Mitsubishi Electric’s high-performance control products and packages them into ready-to-use solutions ranging from a simple ‘drive in a box’ to a complex multi-axis CNC or Servo control system. Systems can be designed and built collaboratively, or to your exact specifications. We utilize all Mitsubishi Electric engineering and product resources and collaborate with third parties to help you improve production efficiencies. We supply application engineering, technical support, and develop new products to meet your requirements.

All orders meet UL508A standards. We can also build to CSA and CE standards. Engineered solutions is located in Cleveland, Ohio and we have several manufacturing locations across the USA.

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Product List

Engineered Solutions

Overview Value-added, custom engineered system solutions that provide our customers with a lower total cost of ownership.

PowerGate H Series

PowerGateH The H Series HVAC controller is a slimline solution for the commercial HVAC industry

PowerGate 66 Series

PowerGate66 The 66 Series is totally enclosed VFD solution for wet, dirty and harsh environments.

PowerGate C Series

PowerGateC The C Series is a standard bypass solution for commercial pump and fan applications.

PowerGate H3IP Series

PowerGateH3IP The H3IP Series is intelligent control and scheduling solution designed for agriculture irrigation systems.

PowerGate G Series

PowerGateG The G Series is a standard, base package VFD solution for a wide range of applications.

MELDAC Controller

MELDAC The MELDAC machine mount controller with its own IP67 rated enclosure, takes the PLC out of the limitations of a control panel, and mounts it right on the machine.